Some days are nearly perfect

Today I had the opportunity to be a Marshall for the American Century Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe’s Edgewood GC. My buddy, Rev. Dave Huusko hooked me up with the gig. We were at the 4th hole, a nasty par 5 with water all along the right approach and sand front left.
The weather was perfect: low 80’s with a light breeze. The hole is the farthest from the clubhouse where all the festivities are and the crowds were mostly light way out there. With that atmosphere, the players were mostly friendly and yucked it up with both Dave and me as we were only too glad to mix it up with them.
There are times in life when the surroundings are beautiful, the day is special, and your friends show you how much they love you; the pictures I took will be fond reminders but they can never come close to telling the whole story. . .

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