Ah, The Marvels of Technology . . .

Aren’t birthdays wonderful!?

My family purchased me a new program: Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It’s a great program because it allows you to speak into the computer instead of typing.  For those of us who are slow of finger, this is a great and wonderful thing. I’ve always been a better talker than a typer.  So the opportunity to speak instead of type not only saves time, but it saves stress and psychological and/or spiritual pain.

The accuracy of this program is phenomenal. It’s amazing to me that it understands what I say, even though I don’t talk very well. It understands me better than my children! It responds better than my children!! Even follows commands better than my children !!!

It even does smiley faces when you say :-). (Pretty cool, huh!)

So from now on when you read my blog, you won’t know whether I actually typed it or if I just talked it. However, if the spelling is correct, and the grammar is accurate, I probably talked it.

 I am convinced that it is God’s will that I use this program. My cat however is looking at me very strangely:  He thinks I’m talking to him but he doesn’t quite understand why I would be telling him about how I’m writing my blog. My cats confusion aside, I know that my life has been enriched because now there is at least something that knows what I’m saying, understands what I’m saying, and actually follows my commands.  Even if my family won’t follow my commands, at least they purchased me something that well.

Yes technology is marvelous . . .

Pressing on towards the goal . . .


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