What if you NEVER punted?

As one who has spent over 20 years of my life coaching Basketball and Soccer, I understand about playing by the rules and about taking risks.  I know that you play a certain kind of defense in certain situations; that you play a particular offense against taller teams; a certain kind of defense against faster teams or better shooting teams; and that at the end of the game, you play one way if you’re losing and another if your winning.  I know that if you don’t you’re taking a risk!

But what if what we saw as a risk wasn’t a risk at all?  What if we ran the numbers and discovered that the risks we thought we saw were actually phenomenal opportunities?  What if everything we thought about life, the “conventional wisdom”, was wrong?

Click on the picture below to watch a video that will change your perspective:

Never Punt

What if we brought this kind of thinking to the Church?  What if the conventional wisdom about evangelism, Christian education, mission, even, heaven forbid, worship, limited our opportunities for success in ministry?  What if we took some risks and followed the numbers instead of the conventional wisdom? What if church was never the same again?  What if that was a good thing?  Sounds to me a lot like what happened in the first century . . .

Pressing on toward the goal . . .


(with thanks to my friend Todd Bolsinger for posting this video)

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