RevDrKid Now on Scribd and Oyster


I couldn’t put a picture of Oyster because i’m not a subscriber and they wouldn’t let me search to find my page. I’m told its very nice . . .

I’m happy to announce that many of my books are now available on eBook subscription services provided by Scribd and Oyster.


If you are currently a member of either of these services, you can simply search my name and see the listing of books available.

And you get to read them FOR-FREE-FOR-NUTHIN’ . . . (of course, if you feel guilty about that, you could always send money . . .)

Happy Reading!

Pressing on toward the goal . . .



Full Disclosure:  I do receive royalties for each read on these services, albeit at a reduced rate.  You may commence feeling sorry for me now . . .

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