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12-16-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – A Real Stand-Up Guy

Poor Joseph. He kinda gets short-shrift in the whole Christmas “thang”. I mean, come on, he’s all ready to marry the girl of his dreams and then this crazy angel shows up and dumps a real heavy trip on him! Seriously! What would you do?
This Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at Joseph and his plight in Matthew 1:18-25. Then we’ll look even closer at his actions and I think you might discover a side of Christmas you never even considered. It might even put you in a Christmas-kind-of-attitude, especially if this season makes you “kinda Grinchy”.
So take a break from wrapping, baking, and grumbling, and join us this Sunday morning for something a little different this advent: The story of a real stand-up guy! Your heart just might grow “ten sizes, plus two!”
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