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10-7-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – Drive Thru Communication

This Sunday we continue with the sixth message in our series “Faith That WORKS!” We’re going back to the first chapter to focus on just two verses: James 1:19-20. This passage, though short, is packed with wisdom. We’ll also reflect on the wisdom found in Proverbs 10:1-10 to get an Old Testament perspective as well.
We’re going to delve deeply into this short snippet of scripture and we’ll use it to help us learn to better communicate with our loved ones. Oh, and we’ll also use an experience from the “Drive-Thru” at McDonalds.
Confused? Intrigued? Flabbergasted? You might be surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the “drive-thru communication” system. If you don’t come Sunday, you won’t know!

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