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5-25-16 “Pastor’s Blast” -Don’t Hate

This Sunday we continue our series on the First Letter of the Apostle John entitled, “Making Life Enjoyable”. We’ll discover the Second Key to enjoying life in the second chapter: something we all know even if we don’t always practice it. It’s an old concept but John helps us to understand that Jesus put a new spin on it—new even today!
So read 1 John 2:7-17 to prepare yourself for a frank discussion about the effects of Hate on not only our faith but our life as well. We’ll also look at Ephesians 6:10-18 and see what tools we might use to defend against those forces that encourage us to be haters. Continue reading

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RevDrKid’s Rules

[Editor’s Note:  I think it is important to make sure everyone understands our limitations and to establish boundaries.  I wrote the article below to put in the newsletter of the church I now serve, Grace Presbyterian in Spring Hill, Florida.  … Continue reading

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7 Indications You’ve Stopped Leading

[Editor’s note: One of my beefs against my profession is that too many pastors have left the Apostolic role of Proclaiming the Gospel and slouched into the role of chaplain (one who cares for and comforts the bereaved or infirmed).  … Continue reading

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The Desperate Need for Church Leaders

Important insights from a friend of mine: http://www.churchleaders.com/mobile/pastors/pastor-how-to/175135-the-desperate-need-for-church-leaders-not-church-managers.html Pressing on toward the goal . . . RevDrKid

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Why Isn’t Your Church Growing?

(Interesting insights here.  The question is, “can we honestly answer or, as a pastor, even ask these questions?” Click and read, but sit down first.) Your thoughts? Pressing on toward the goal . . . RevDrKid

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The Greatest Tragedy in the Church Today

(This Is direct and to the point and I HAD to repost it) by Thom Rainer Do you know why churches are dying? Evangelism is dying in many churches today. No, that’s not an overstatement. I am not speaking hyperbolically. … Continue reading

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