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2-3-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – 7 Stumblingblocks – Lust

This Sunday we conclude our series on the Seven Stumblingblocks to Spiritual Success with a message on Lust. Yes, I actually said it: LUST! So, this will not be your normal sermon this week . . . Just sayin’. Needless to say, some of the content will require a PG rating, but what do you expect, we’re talking about LUST!
Seriously, lust is not a new problem, but it has significant impact on not only our culture, but on the Christian community as well. So, we’ll take a serious look at a serious problem, it’s effects, and how we can overcome it.
Join us on Sunday and we’ll look at passages from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Matthew 16:24-25, Romans 7:14-19, Philippians 3:12-14, and Romans 8:1-2 to see what scripture has to say about lust and we’ll discuss some of its effects on our lives and our faith. Then, we’ll focus on practical ways to overcome this problem that is crippling our culture and even the Church.
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