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3-23-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – An Unfinished Story

We all know the Easter story – or do we? Oh we’ve all read the Bible passages from the Gospels that describe the scene, but what if not all the passages are what the Author intended? Ok, enough intrigue, I’ll get to the point.
We’ll continue in Mark’s Gospel on Easter Sunday and we’ll look carefully at the author’s intention in his telling of the resurrection event. You see, most Bible scholars agree that second-century Christians added onto the end of Mark’s Gospel. The thought is that the four Gospels were circulated from church to church and that these early Christians were unsettled because the ending of Marks Gospel differed from the other three. Their solution was to add the text at the end that mirrored the others. But what if Mark left his ending that way on purpose? This Sunday we’ll look carefully at Mark’s telling of the event and see how his version might be significant for us today.
To prepare, read Isaiah 53:11-12 and Mark 16:1-8. Then come to worship on Sunday and we’ll discover how valuable an unfinished story can be!
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