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3-16-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – Exravagant Gestures and Risky Love

Palm Sunday always has a schizophrenic feel to it for me. On one hand, we shout “Halleluiah” and wave palm branches and yet we know in the back of our minds that the same city that went bonkers for Jesus on Sunday, yelled “Crucify Him” on Friday. I’m never sure how to act or what to feel on Palm Sunday.
Well, I think that a passage from Mark’s Gospel kind of sums up the whole week from Sunday to Thursday, and it happened on Tuesday of that week. You might be familiar with the story but probably not Mark’s telling of it. Mark makes a point to tell us the names of certain people and not of others. So we’ll look at this ‘Dinner Party’ on Jesus last Tuesday before his crucifixion and see what we can learn about the characters and about ourselves.
To prepare, read Mark 11:1-10 and Mark 14:1-9. Then come to worship on Sunday and we’ll discover how Jesus offered us, and how we might also practice, Extravagant Gestures and Risky Love.
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Pastor’s Blast for 3-25-15 – Along for the Ride – Palm Sunday

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