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11-18-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – Should We Fear God?

Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God . . . Deut. 6:13
No wonder we have so much trouble convincing people that God loves them! Who wants a god you gotta be afraid of all the time? And who wants a god who would require that we be afraid?
The problem with the verse above is not that it is an inaccurate description of how we should relate to God. It’s just a REALLY BAD translation of the original Hebrew. The fault lies with King James’ translators’ (and they didn’t even use the Hebrew: they used the Latin, which was translated from the Greek, which was translated from the Hebrew – and rather poorly). A better translation is, “Respect and Revere the Lord.” Another Problem is that current translators get flack when they dramatically change the words in common Bible passages. The result is they are reluctant to do so – even if the common is inaccurate. So most translations you can find will use “Fear”. Give it a try by checking Deuteronomy 6:13 online and then changing the translation and re-searching it. I’ll wait . . .
Sunday, we’ll take a look at this problem and its effects on us. We’ll also look at another familiar passage, John 3:16-21, and discover what it tells us about why being afraid of God is the Last thing He wants.
So join us this Sunday as we complete our fearless march into the “State of Fear”
. . . or else!
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New “Pastor’s Blast” Published

Each Wednesday, I send out a blast email to my church folk and friends.  They include a preview of Sunday’s message with scripture links, articles on issues facing the church to make you think, Upcoming events, and a few things … Continue reading

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