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12-30-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – 7 Stumblingblocks – Pride

This Sunday we continue our series on the Seven Stumblingblocks to Spiritual Success with a message on Pride . We won’t be discussing the kind of pride that we express in our children’s accomplishments or what you might call “Pride in workmanship”. No, we’ll be looking at the kind that “goeth before the fall”. The ‘original sin’ kind of pride.
We’ll look at the effects of pride on our lives and the lives of those around us. We’ll explore what the prophet writes in Isaiah 6:1-8, and what Jesus says in Luke 18:10-14 and discover ways to overcome pride before it destroys us. It’s Going to be an AWESOME sermon that will change your life and . . . (oops, I guess I’d better go back and work on it some more . . .)
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