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3-9-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – When it Helps to be Loving

Join us this Sunday as we finish up our series “Help For Relationships”. After the first four messages, everybody is all “angry”, “Unforgiving”, “Confrontational”, and “Discriminating”, so I thought that I’d finish up with “When it Helps to be Loving”. After this Sunday’s message, you’ll feel a lot better, I promise!
We’ll look at Mathew 5:43-48 for Jesus perspective on scope of Love. Then we’ll look at 1 John 4:4-10 to get a perspective from the Apostle John’s letter to the early Christians. We’ll also get an Old Testament perspective from Proverbs 18:21. With these three, we’ll focus on three areas of our relationships that will help us to be more loving people. And we’ll discover why it’s important for us, as Christians, to be loving.
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2-24-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – When it Helps to Confront

OK, so basically we are all a bunch of chickens. Most of us would rather run across the road during rush hour than have a confrontation – especially when it comes to those with whom we are in the closest relationships. We avoid confronting loved-ones who’ve hurt us because we can remember and we know how well it’s worked in the past. We’d rather not go there again . . .
Well, I have some “Good News” to share: It doesn’t have to be that way! I believe the Bible offers us a means to make it helpful for our relationships when we confront those we love who’ve hurt us. This Sunday we’ll look at Matthew 18:15-20 as well as Ephesians 4:14-15 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, and discover God’s method for successfully confronting the problems, and the problem individuals, that trip up our relationships.
Seriously! It really works and it’s a lot simpler than you might expect. I guarantee that you haven’t heard anyone preach a sermon like this one before. Of course, you might say that about any sermon I preach . . .
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2-17-16 “Pastor’s Blast” – Unforgiveness – Bad Things CAN Make Good Relationships

It’s REALLY difficult to forgive! Especially if the one who wronged you is someone you trust deeply. Sometimes the hardest ones to forgive are the ones closest to us. They are, by design, the ones we trust the most.
What if I told you that sometimes it’s helpful for relationships if we are unforgiving? What if you learned that most everything you understood about forgiveness was wrong? And what if the “wrong stuff” was what you learned at church?! And what if that wrong stuff had devalued your relationships . . .
On Sunday, we’ll look at Matthew 18:21-35 (a passage right out of the mouth of Jesus himself), Acts 2:38 and 1 Corinthians 5:9-13, to see if we can discover how forgiveness is supposed to work and how unforgiveness can help our relationships.
Don’t believe me? Well, I dare you to join us this Sunday for a message that will give you a perspective on scripture that you may never have heard. Tragically, you should have probably heard it a long time ago! The good news is that it is never too late to start anew with folks you love.
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2-10-16 “Pastor’s Blast” When it Helps to be Angry

Relationship are difficult! Even on Valentine’s day. Whether with our spouse, our children, our neighbors, our co-workers, or a variety of others, we seem to run into trouble more often than we avoid it. The problem is that problems happen in relationships! And few of us are well equipped to deal with them.
Well, in my usual “crazy California dude” way, I decided to look at relationship problems from a different perspective: Why cant the problems we face in relationships be turned into helpful things? I believe I’ve found direction, right from the mouth of Jesus, on how to use things that usually cause problems in relationships as helpful tools.
On Sunday, we’ll look at Matthew 5:21-22 (a passage right out of the Sermon on the Mount) and other Old and New Testament passages (Proverbs 29:11, James 1:19-20, and Ephesians 4:26) to find out how ANGER can be helpful for ALL your relationships. (I see that look on your face, but it works – really!)
Don’t believe me? Well, I dare you to join us this Sunday for a message that will give you a very different perspective on how God can help us to use Anger as a positive force in our relationships – all of them! I also encourage you to invite that friend or neighbor you’ve been thinking about. Continue reading

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10-7-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – Drive Thru Communication

This Sunday we continue with the sixth message in our series “Faith That WORKS!” We’re going back to the first chapter to focus on just two verses: James 1:19-20. This passage, though short, is packed with wisdom. We’ll also reflect on the wisdom found in Proverbs 10:1-10 to get an Old Testament perspective as well.
We’re going to delve deeply into this short snippet of scripture and we’ll use it to help us learn to better communicate with our loved ones. Oh, and we’ll also use an experience from the “Drive-Thru” at McDonalds.
Confused? Intrigued? Flabbergasted? You might be surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the “drive-thru communication” system. If you don’t come Sunday, you won’t know!

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RevDrKid’s Rules

[Editor’s Note:  I think it is important to make sure everyone understands our limitations and to establish boundaries.  I wrote the article below to put in the newsletter of the church I now serve, Grace Presbyterian in Spring Hill, Florida.  … Continue reading

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