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10-14-15 “Pastor’s Blast” – Wise Living in a Tense World

This Sunday we continue with the seventh message in our series “Faith That WORKS!” and we’ll focus on James 3:17-4:12 and reflect on Proverbs 13:5-10.
In this passage, James focuses on the pitfalls of foolish living and the benefits of wise living. He exposes the causes of conflict, the reasons our prayers go unanswered, and why we often feel like God is so far away. In short, he exposes the roots of tension in our lives and in our world. Other than that, there’s not much here . . .
On Sunday, we’ll take an in-depth look at the roots of tension and uncover James’ advice for overcoming these pitfalls with three simple characteristics for wise living. So if you’ve already got it all figured out and have no tension in your life, don’t bother coming this Sunday . . .
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