About “The Message”

A Few folks have asked me about “The Message” and why I use that version of scripture.  OK, here goes:

God’s Word was meant to be read and understood.  It shouldn’t be for the exclusive use of scholars.  The books of the Bible were first written in the language of the people—of fishermen, shopkeepers, and carpenters.  The Message gets back to that: You can read it and understand it. It reads like a novel and the narrative has an impact on you. After all, it is God’s story, with its heroes and villains, conflicts and resolutions, it’s all there; raw and unfiltered . . . it’s our story.

“The Message” is God’s Word—the Truth—in a user-friendly form.

The Message is great for:

  • Reading devotionally
  • Teaching or preaching
  • Helping new believers
  • Reviving interest in God’s Word
  • Bringing clarity and new insight to familiar passages

With The Message, Eugene Peterson’s best-selling paraphrase of the Bible, you can join the millions of readers who have experienced God’s Word in the form of a personal message.

Enthusiasm for The Message has boosted its popularity as the most reader-friendly Bible available today. Every book of Scripture unfolds like a page-turner you can’t put down! With no distracting verse numbers or stiff, formal language, passages you’ve read many times before will come alive, revealing the vibrant energy of God’s Word.

“I hope that when readers find the poetry, the stories, the prayers, the songs in this Book in their language—the sort of language in which it was written—they will read it from cover to cover, nonstop” says Eugene Peterson.

You can find The Message Online at www.biblegateway.com.  I hope it helps you in your quest to know your creator and redeemer better!

Pressing on toward the goal . . .



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