Weekly Pastor’s Blasts

Pastor's Blast Masthead for blog 1Each Wednesday, I send out a blast email to my church folk and friends.  I’ll post links to that email in PDF form, latest at the top.  If you’d like to be put on the Pastor’s Blast email list, CLICK HERE to send me an email.

Latest “Pastor’s Blasts”:

2-25-15 – The Lost Gospel2-25-15 blast feature

2-18-15 – Getting Your Feet Wet

2-11-15 – Ancient Peer Pressure

2-4-15 – Depends on Your Perspective

1-28-15 – The Plot Thickens

1-21-15 – I AM resurrection and Life

1-14-15 – I AM the Good Shepherd

1-7-15 – I AM the Gate

12-24-14 – Christmas Eve & New Years

12-17-14 – Advent 4 – Let There Be Light

12-10-14 – Advent 3 – A Change in the Rules

12-3-14 – Advent 2 – Come and Save Us Lord

11-26-14 – Advent 1 – Something Wonderful

11-19-14 – What Churches Forget

11-12-14 – What a Feast

3 Responses to Weekly Pastor’s Blasts

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  3. janicet2014 says:

    Hello. Regarding your “Neener?” photo on finger pointing, my first grade class, (in 1955), was shown a PSA film that included, and demonstrated, this phrase. It’s at least that old.

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